Welcome to Monkton Arts!

Monkton Arts is a community-based cafe and art's centre in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

We offer a friendly welcome to all of our visitors and are keen to promote the vibrant creative community that the Monkton Village area of Ryde has to offer.

Please see the sections below for a brief overview of what we have to offer.


Coffee & Cake

The Lounge @ Monkton Arts serves a range of delicious local delicacies, hot and cold drinks, cakes and seasonal food.

We try to keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality 🙂


Monkton Arts is home to two resident artists, Sandy Kendall and Rosemary Lawrey who both have studio spaces upstairs in the art's centre.

We also curate three galleries including: The Acons Exhibition Gallery; The Mead Comunity Gallery and the Sara-K Children's Gallery.



Monkton Arts grew out of the local Ryde and Isle of Wight community. Various groups utilise The Lounge @ Monkton Arts for a relaxed and friendly meeting place.

We also serve as a hub for various local enterprises and initiatives in a range of fields including the arts, education, retail and regeneration.